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30 Jul , 2015  

The Westwing sales club, devoted to furnishings and decorative complements for the home, offers exclusive sales of products manufactured by renowned Spanish and international brands with important discounts that can reach up to 70%.


Silvia Arenas is the Creative Director of the company in Spain and responsible for the marvellous selection of rugs, decorative accessories, furniture, complements etc. that they make available on a daily basis to style lovers.




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Westwing Home and Living

16 Jul , 2015  

If there is one proven recommendation we can make from the The African Blog it is the platform for on-line decoration sales Westwing Home and Living.


It was launched four years ago by Delia Fischer, former director of the magazine Elle Decor in Germany, and since then has not stopped growing thanks to its select offer.


Sales are made through campaigns that last only a few days, and each one of these has been meticulously selected by a team of experts in decoration, thus ensuring the quality of the product, its aesthetic, originality and functionality.


Furthermore, it offers an on-line magazine that compiles all of the latest trends in decoration, as well as having interviews with experts in interior design, advice, tips and reports.


It is no surprise to discover it is present in 15 countries (3 years in Spain)


The common denominator of Westwing is the quality of the top-of-the-range brand names amongst which we can find renowned names such as Calvin Klein, Laura Ashley, Becara, Sia, Smeg, Designer’s Guild, Gancedo, Rosenthal, Valentí, etc. and a select list to which The African Touch has also been added.





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11 Jun , 2015  

The Safari Jacket, also known as “Bush Jacket” or “Sahara Jacket”, has a military origin. This jacket was incorporated to the uniform of the Italian army in Libya as the summer version of the original warrior jacket; it was also used during the cruel colonization in Ethiopia. After that, the English army included this jacket as part of their summer uniform during First World War.


Anglo African hunters also incorporated this jacket in safari hunting.


Since the 30s, the safari jacket has been fashionable and continuously reinterpreted by relevant designers and fashion firms as an elegant but trendy garment and ideal as casual clothing.


The original jacket is made of cotton and characterized by its pattern similar to a shirt, four big lid pockets, a belt and epaulette in the shoulders. And of course, sandy or khaki colour.  


This colour is classic in famous films performed in Africa, like Mogambo with Clark Gable or Out of Africa with Robert Redford.



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19 Mar , 2015  

The magic of Africa is represented not only by the emergence of stereotypical icons. A new and updated safari style combines natural fabrics (cotton, linen, silk, sackcloth) with luxurious, wild and chic accessories (leather bracelets, wooden necklaces, ivory pendants and colourful beads).


Colour palette ranges from sandy tones to earthy tones, as well as white, khaki or nude tones. Bright colours like orange, red, blue and yellow are reserved






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12 Mar , 2015  

The nomadic and Berber tribes continue weaving in traditional looms, similar to those that originated in the Neolithic.


These carpets are simple and made with materials common in every little town. An asymmetrical knot (also known as Berber knot) is included with 8-shaped around two warps and woof.

alfombra tribal 5

alfombra tribal 4

alfombra tribal 1

alfombra tribal 2

alfombra tribal 3



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5 Mar , 2015  

African inspiration in fashion and decoration is highly surprising; however it never comes with its own geographical description and is substituted by adjectives which are true and unequivocal but also ambiguous and misleading with the term “African”.


Throughout these years, we have seen many fashion and decoration accessories with the title “oriental”, “Zen”, “Chinois” and even “tribal”. However, the African inspiration (sometimes designed, manufactured and imported directly from the African continent) has experience the opposite: Its name is avoided and is substituted by others more interesting for consumers: “printed clothes”, “colonial evocations”…


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