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5 Dec , 2015  


He was born in Edirne, the then capital city of the Ottoman Empire state. His father was sultan Murad II (1404-51). At the age of 21, he conquered Constantinople, bringing an end to the medieval Byzantine Empire. He also claimed the title of Caesar of Rome in addition to his other titles, Ottoman Sultan and Caliph, after the conquest of Constantinople. Mehmed II’s reign is also well-known for the religious tolerance with which he treated his subjects, especially among the conquered Christians, which was very unusual for Europe in the middle ages.



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Decor and Architecture


21 Oct , 2015  

The term kilim comes from Turkish and Eastern Persian. It means “covering”. Kilims are flat tapestry carpets woven by passing the weave through the warp; this is one of its uniqueness that determines its design. Geometric patterns are the most common: Diagonal lines mainly forming reversed diamonds and triangles that are spread across the design, by creating a border or following a pattern, some of them with symmetrical patterns covering the entire bottom of the carpet. As well as decorations, colours give an ideal touch to kilims: Maroon, blue, dark brown.







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Souleumaniye Mosque

6 Aug , 2015  

The Sulimaniye is a grand mosque, which was built on the order of sultan Suleyman I (the magnificent) and was constructed by the great Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan. The construction work began in 1550 and the mosque was finished in 1557. It is considered to be a kind of architectural answer to the byzantine Hagia Sophia. That is more symmetrical, rationalized and light-filled interpretation of earlier Ottoman examples.



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Cities and Countries


9 Jul , 2015  

You will see this blue glass pieces everywhere in turkey.


Is a glass bead that protects the holder from evil eye. It is pretty common in turkey. Have a look around and you might discover countless Nazar Boncugu dangling from cars, from rear-view windows, backpacks, on necklaces and bracelets, pinned to the sweeter of babies and small children, and hanging above doors in restaurants, hotels, stores, and apartments.



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