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11 Jun , 2015  

The Safari Jacket, also known as “Bush Jacket” or “Sahara Jacket”, has a military origin. This jacket was incorporated to the uniform of the Italian army in Libya as the summer version of the original warrior jacket; it was also used during the cruel colonization in Ethiopia. After that, the English army included this jacket as part of their summer uniform during First World War.


Anglo African hunters also incorporated this jacket in safari hunting.


Since the 30s, the safari jacket has been fashionable and continuously reinterpreted by relevant designers and fashion firms as an elegant but trendy garment and ideal as casual clothing.


The original jacket is made of cotton and characterized by its pattern similar to a shirt, four big lid pockets, a belt and epaulette in the shoulders. And of course, sandy or khaki colour.  


This colour is classic in famous films performed in Africa, like Mogambo with Clark Gable or Out of Africa with Robert Redford.



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